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FCC Releases Draft Internet Freedom Order

The wheel that is U.S. policy on “net neutrality” has taken another turn. On November 22, 2017, the FCC released a draft of the Internet Freedom Order, which, when effective, will reverse the Commission’s 2015 Open Internet Order (now referred to as the “Title II Order”). As recounted in previous DWT Alerts, the Title II Order’s finding that broadband Internet access […]

President Trump and Open Internet

In President Trump’s America, is it the end of net neutrality? Forbes interviewed telecomm professionals to discuss outlook for the industry. Pre-election, there was virtually zero discussion of tech and telecom issues by Trump or his campaign. It’s highly likely that Republican telecom pros are now clamoring to provide opinions to the president-elect’s transition team. […]

Top Takeaways from DWT’s April 26 Open Internet Webinar

As the communications industry anxiously awaits a decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on the judicial challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet rules, the Commission is charging forward with new regulations.  On April 26, DWT held its latest in a series of webinars focusing on Open Internet developments.  […]

India Rejects Facebook’s Zero-Rating “Free Basics” Program on Net Neutrality Grounds

In 2015, Facebook announced with some fanfare the rollout of its “Free Basics” service in India. Partnering with a local wireless operator, customers that downloaded the Free Basics app onto their smartphones could use the service without incurring data usage charges. Less than six months later, the India regulator (the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India […]

Open Internet Advisory Opinions: Do You Feel Lucky?

As part of the 2015 Open Internet Order (“Order”), the FCC adopted rules enabling regulated entities to seek advisory opinions from the Enforcement Bureau regarding the application of the Open Internet rules to proposed future practices.  Just before the holiday weekend, the Enforcement Bureau issued a Public Notice providing information about how providers may request […]

Open Internet Ombudsperson Appointed by FCC

Today, the FCC announced the appointment of Parul Desai to serve as the Open Internet ombudsperson — the public’s primary point of contact within the agency for formal and informal questions and complaints related to the Open Internet rules. The Open Internet Order, adopted by the Commission in February 2015, established “an ombudsperson to assist […]

Seven Ways the Open Internet Order Will Affect Communication Organizations

It seems virtually certain that one or more parties will seek judicial review of the Open Internet Order.  It is also likely that a party will ask an appellate court to “stay” (or temporarily suspend) the operation of some or all of the rules while legal review is ongoing.  We will provide updates on any […]

Justification of the Open Internet Order

The Open Internet rules were the subject of intense political debate.  This update summarizes the FCC’s policy and legal justification for the new rules, as well as the Republican dissent, and discusses the Order’s decision to forbear from applying many Title II regulations to broadband service. Policy Justification As a policy matter, the FCC justifies […]

Landmark Open Internet Order Released by FCC

On March 12, 2015, the FCC released the full Order explaining the details of the new Open Internet (or Net Neutrality) rules that it approved (on a 3-2 party-line vote) on Feb. 26.  In addition to explaining the majority’s actions and reasoning, the order contains lengthy and vigorous dissents from Commissioners Pai and O’Rielly. We […]