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FCC Votes to Adopt Internet Freedom Order

On December 14, 2017, the Commission voted 3-2 as expected along party lines to adopt the Internet Freedom Order that had been circulated as a draft on November 22, 2017. When effective, the new order will reverse the Commission’s 2015 Open Internet Order. Based on the Commissioners’ comments at the open meeting the new order should […]

FCC Releases Draft Internet Freedom Order

The wheel that is U.S. policy on “net neutrality” has taken another turn. On November 22, 2017, the FCC released a draft of the Internet Freedom Order, which, when effective, will reverse the Commission’s 2015 Open Internet Order (now referred to as the “Title II Order”). As recounted in previous DWT Alerts, the Title II Order’s finding that broadband Internet access […]

Legal Challenges In Reclassifying Wireless Broadband

Is Wireless Broadband a “Telecommunications Service?” According to the FCC, it is now. Although the FCC historically classified mobile broadband Internet access service (BIAS) an information service, the Commission made an about-face in the Open Internet Order.  To get there, the Commission had to take two steps. The Commission reviewed the technical and market characteristics […]